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Jan Matthies v2.0
(June 11, 2007)

Music is in the air...

old time mic

...I guess I'm born under that motto. There is always some kind of melody in my head and I use to whistle a lot. I started to learn piano at the age of six but stopped getting lessons with 19. Nothing against classical music but today I know that I stopped playing because I wasn't able to play anything without sheet music.

Since February 2007 I learn piano again, this time it is Jazz Piano. My teacher is Bob Albanese. He is teaching out of New York, USA via webcam. If you like, accompany me on my musical journey by watching my Video Blog on YouTube.

To brush up my non existent music theory knowledge I programmed the website You can learn how to memorize the Circle of Fifths in an easy way by lectures and tests. How about your music theory knowledge?

I'm not (yet) a pianist myself, therefore I don't have a musicians account at myspace only my normal myspace there.

Finally, please don't make yourself deaf and don't get on other peoples nerves on the train. Buy good headphones...

Make your mistakes loudly. You are learning!

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