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USA Today lately had an article about the USA wanting to register visa waiver visitors. 48 hours before the flight into the USA the visitor has to fill out an online questionaire giving info about credit cards, passport and telephone details etc...


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Jan Matthies v2.0
(June 09, 2007)


Is that you? my virtual living quarters. According to an encyclopedia you could also say: The term homepage is used to refer to the main web page of a website of a group, company, organization, or individual. In some countries, such as for example Germany the term homepage commonly refers to a complete website rather than to a single web page.

Great, now you know exactly where you're at! Such a definition can't hurt and in any case one doesn't get more stupid by it.

For your information: you will get information on my pages which have eventually value of benefit for you ;-)

On the right side you find update information which is not necessarily agreed on by the author of these pages.

So far so good: Please take a look at the instruction for beginners on the left top, that way you can read on way smarter than you have been ever before.

Take a look, Be amazed. Yours, Jan Matthies

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