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Your Study Plan !

The best way to get better is to take a live course from a master coach.
Maybe having a live coach is nothing for you,
this page shows all you need to get started with your own way of studying !

If you like to improve your playing strength with this kind of training I suggest online training with Chess Teacher GM Viktor Gavrikov ! He has his own website (click here to check it out) To receive a special discount, send him an e-mail at and mention the CVT website. He is fluent in English, German and Russian. If you have no idea how online chess training is conducted, he will gladly answer all your questions. Now start training...

Of course The Chess Eye the CVT offline version is highly recommended :-)

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If you are new to chess I recommend the brandnew:
Chessmaster XI Grandmaster Edition teaches you in a nice multimedia way from scratch the rules, strategic principles, openings, endings.....
IM Josh Waitzkin goes through his games with you and you are tested in a lot of quizzes to keep track of your learning progress. You'll be busy for a long time to work through all lectures. Once you are finished I bet you have a rating of at least 1750. In the teaching area Chessmaster is a lot better than Fritz !
For the more advanced chess student is the DVD Fritz 11 the perfect tool. How often have you attended personal Grandmaster lectures or training sessions? With its Chess Media System Fritz 11 brings the world’s greatest chess players into your living room, in full high resolution video and sound and a synchronised graphic chessboard. Listen to Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Viktor Korchnoi, Alexei Shirov or (former world champion) Rustam Kasimdzhanov while they explain important openings and ideas that lead to success. A host of famous chess teachers provide instruction in more mundane(!) subjects, like opening traps, middlegame strategy, or endgame skills. Video running time: more than 13 hours!
What is the most important part in chess ?
To know how to checkmate your opponent ! This new interactive training course- 5000 Mate Studies - helps you to recognize and visualize mating patterns, which saves you a lot of time during the game :) and also wins the game !

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

The best chess learning software for kids is simply the Fritz & Chesster series which was selected as a winner of the magazine’s prestigious “Software of the Year” awards by "Parenting’s technology and children’s software experts". A must see, check it out!


It doesn't matter who you ask how to improve your chess, the #1 answer is always:
Play slow games and analyse your games, so that you know what you did wrong.

Just in case that you don't know how to analyse a game, need an analysis or
need someone to look over your own analysis, if it is correct -

Here is a list of experts and master coaches who are willing to help for a small fee:
tell them you came from the CVT site.

Denis Salinnikov

Entry: 13/08/03
26 years old. Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Professional Chess Player and Trainer.
For more info about him click here.

One of the most helpful methods of training - games with analysis. We can play and then examine toghether: I will show you your mistakes, suggest better moves/plans and answer your questions.
15-0 game with 30 minutes post-mortem analysis for 10$. I give private lessons for 20$/hour.
For 5+ lessons I provide discount.


U$ per game analysis: 10

Sample: -


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