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Take a look below to see which book IM Salinnikov recommends !

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"Is it really true, that solving chess positions and problems only in your mind without
a board or diagram is a useful method of chess training ? Yes, I believe so.

 First, you will increase your calculation ability and avoid missing “long moves” such
as Qg1-a1-a8 in variations, very often a mistake of many chess players. In addition
you will “feel” the geometry of the chess board much better (lines, diagonals etc.)
It becomes natural.

At the high level, blind training can help to keep deep concentration for a long time.
An absolutely necessary quality of Masters or Grandmasters. For example: before my
biggest success in the Cup of Russia (Tomsk, 1998), where I shared 3rd place in
company of 6 GMs, I gave a few blind simuls, each with 3-5 opponents. As a fact: for
many strong players it is practically not important how they play chess – with looking
at the chessboard or without calculating the moves in their minds. The probably
most famous example is – GM Vassily Ivanchuk, who only takes a look at the board
when pieces are moved.

The Chess Visualisation Training site is unique on the internet and contains several
kinds of exercises where any player can find a good one for his level. Your rating will
improve if you keep on exercising, make your way from #1 to the end."

IM Denis Salinnikov 

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IM Denis Salinnikov recommends:
People frequently ask me: "Does it make sense to read all these chess books now, in the 21th century? I can purchase training programs for the PC!" I (Denis) believe that we, until now, need the classical books, which withstood the testing of time. Here is in my opinion the best of all, if you get one book, get this by clicking on your amazon logo below:

Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953
by David Bronstein

First book of Bronstein, which became hit in chess literature. One of the best chess players in the world (tied WC match vs. Botvinnik) knew how to explain the game of top Grandmasters by simple words. Many games of this tournament, such Averbakh-Kotov, became pearls of chess history. Suited for all levels. Learn !!! Get it here:

Yours, Denis